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(Updated May 11, 2020 as content has changed online again)

Please note this is meant to be a beginner's guide to Pathways Support.  For a more intensive website check
District 4 Toastmasters Pathways Support at this link.

A short video on how you get started in Toastmasters

and choose your first PATH

(please watch first - 2 minutes)


Note: shown quickly in the video, however there were 3 ways to choose your Path. 

1 - Choose Presentation Mastery (recommended by Toastmasters)

2 - Review the 11 Paths with the information they provide (which they did in the video).

3 - Take the self assessment.  If you chose that method it will ask a series of questions and provide you with 3 choices based on your assessment.  You can choose any of the three, or continue exploring other Paths.

Please Note: screens may vary as Toastmasters Summit Team is updating a variety of Pathways screens to make access and use easier.

Starting your first Path

  • Login to Toastmasters

  • Click on "Welcome, (your name)" at top centre of page

  • It takes you to your personal profile page or dashboard

  • Click on shortcut "Go to my Transcript"

  • Your Path should be there.  The left side of it has 4 books stacked in icon.

  • Click the Open Curriculum button to access the Path

   Look through the button below "PDF on beginning your first Path" to see the actual screens, etc.

Power point presentation I gave on my Virtual Support Session Oct 4, 2018

Quick guide on the last step to show a project as completed


Information on those 11 Paths

A short pdf explaining the 11 Paths in Pathways


Base Camp Manager Guidance

The role of Base Camp Manager falls to the VP of Education, however the President and Secretary have similar access for the purpose of redundancy.  Base Camp will send out notifications to the club email address registered on Club Central on the TI website.  Toastmasters suggests this is the VP of Education address so they can move members along in the Pathways program.  For detail of this and more click the two links below.

Lloyd's Quick PDF guide to the key Base Camp Manager Tasks

Toastmaster International's 44 page PDF guide to Base Camp Manager Duties

An example of Level Completion notification

Pathways Mentor Program

Everyone takes the Introduction to Mentoring as a Project in Level 2.  Once they have completed Level 2 the full mentoring program becomes available to you.  When you get to Base Camp (5 tiles) on the right below the tiles it has a suggested education field.  In that you can request to take the mentoring Program.

Quick guide to the program and 5 projects.



Find out more directly at Toastmasters Pathways Home Page





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